A broadband eccentric annular slot antenna

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2013-3-4 · C. Chua and Z. Shen, “A planar broadband circularly polarized antenna combining printed dipole and mcirostrip-fed slot,” Proc. Of IEEE AP-S International Symposium, San Diego, July 2008. 36. M. Wang and Z. Shen, “Nulling of antenna arrays including the mutual coupling effect,” IEEE VTC Spring Conference, pp.247-251, May 2008. 37.

Based on the same broadband eccentric annular monopole, another design is considered without slots in the ground plane. The tag is based on a square-shaped transmission line that rounds the monopole. The antenna size has been increased to slightly reduce its center frequency. USD664126S1 - Antenna - Google Patents A Broadband Eccentric Annular Slot Antenna, Young Hoon Suh and Ikmo Park, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ajou University, pp. 94-97, IEEE copyright notice 2001 (4 pages). Patch Loading Circular Aperture Slot Antennas for ... This paper proposes a new and simple design for a broadband planar antenna with bi- and uni-directional radiation for WLAN applications. The broadband operation is realized by loading a patch into a circular aperture slot, which is fed by a micostrip line on the other side of the slot. Broadband Annular Ring Microstrip Antennas | Products ... M. Park, "A broadband eccentric annular ring microstrip slot antenna :' Joumol of the Korea Elecfmmagnetic EngineeringSo&*, vol. Asia-pacific abstracts 66) A Broadband Eccentric Annular Ring Microstrip Slot Antenna , by Young Hoon Suh, Ikmo Park (School of Elec- tronics Engineering, Ajou University): JKEES, vol.

It is based on a broadband eccentric annular monopole antenna connected to a delay line. The delay line length L is chosen to separate the structural and tag modes with a round-trip delay of about 1 ns. Two slots between the antenna ground plane and the circuitry have been introduced, as explained in section 2.5.2.

A practical slot antenna is the cavity-backed slot antenna. Unfortunately, the equations related to the cavity backed slot antenna are somewhat complicated and in my opinion don't give a good idea of how they work. Hence, I'll present the basics, present some experimental results and try to give an idea of design parameters. A Compact Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna for WSN A compact annular ring microstrip antenna was proposed for a wireless sensor network (WSN) application in the 2.4 GHz band. In this paper the major considerations of the conformal antenna design were the compact size and the impact on antenna’s performance of a steel installation base. Slot Antenna

Slot antennas are used typically at frequencies between 300 MHz and 24 GHz. The slot antenna is popular because they can be cut out of whatever surface they are to be mounted on, and have radiation patterns that are roughly omnidirectional (similar to a linear wire antenna, as we'll see). The polarization of the slot antenna is linear.

A STUDY OF A COMPACT MICROSTRIP-FED UWB ANTENNA WITH AN OPEN T-SLOT X.-F. Zhu and D.-L. Su School of Electronic and Information Engineering Beihang University Beijing, China Abstract|In this paper, a compact and simple microstrip-fed slot antenna is proposed for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications, which

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the work in [18], a broadband CP cylindrical DRA with annular slot excitation is investigated here. Figure 1 shows the geometry of the proposed antenna. The cylindrical DR has a radius of a = 5mm, a height of d = 12mm and a relative permittivity "d = 10:2. The DR is positioned on top of the substrate. An annular slot and an L-shaped microstrip ... Monopole Antenna - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

A simple structure concentric annular-ring slot dual-band circularly polarized (CP) microstrip antenna operating at ISM band (2.45 GHz) and 5G band (3.5 GHz) is proposed in this paper. The antenna achieves dual-band operation by digging two concentric annular-ring slots on the ground. And on the angular positions with 45 degrees inclined of each annular slot, two bent structures are loaded to ...

A low-frequency annular-slot antenna - NIST Page Annular slot and upper half-space. -+ where p is a position vector to a point in the slot. For a narrow slot such that t. is small com-pared to b and to the wavelength, the above simplifies to ikb j'211" e-ikR H", r:;t, -2 V cos cf/ -R dcf>', 7r7)0 0 V=-1ib b+l1 E(p')p'dp' b-A the voltage across the slot.